Oleïn is an oil additive and reduces frictional resistance and blow-by in the engine. It reduces wear and optimizes engine performance. The oil stays cleaner, so fuel consumption is lower.

Shieer Oleïn can be used with all types of oil and grease, regardless of the type or brand. It is also used for drives, cardan shafts and compressors. Oleïn reduces the friction in the engine, improves the seal between pistons and cylinders and reduces the so-called blow-by effect to a minimum. This leads to less pollution and acidification of the engine oil. In addition, Shieer Oleïn has a catalytic effect on combustion and reduces the emission of unburned hydrocarbon.

The result of this lasting ‘oil film’ is a lower fuel and oil consumption. It reduces the wear of moving parts and therefore also the maintenance costs. You only have to add Oleïn once to the engine oil. With Shieer Oleïn the costs are reduced and the emissions from combustion are reduced.

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  • Fuel savings
  • Oil savings
  • Better engine quality (oil change intervals can be twice as long)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Engine runs smoother
  • Clearly lower emissions of nitrogen oxides
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Lower soot emissions
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Longer service life of the engine
  • Clearly lower NOX and CO2 values


50 ml (5%) Shieer Oleïn per litres of engine oil

Shieer Oleïn and Shieer Ignishion reinforce each other’s effect. It is therefore advisable to use them in combination.

A test with a diesel car in the BMX X5 class has shown that Shieer Oleïn in combination with Shieer Ignishion reduces the engine noise by 8 dB. Research from TU Delft shows that adding Shieer Oleïn leads to a sensational decrease in the friction between metal parts (see diagram).

See measurement results from the University of Antwerp.