Shieer is the supplier of various products in various sectors, including horticulture, agriculture, bioenergy, fuel saving, water treatment and others.

Shieer has been around for 30 years now and has developed a range of products for different companies and applications. Shieer is a bio-technological company with its own Research & Development. Do you have problems in any sector? Submit it to Shieer, we think along with you.

Shieer for bio innovative solutions in every sector.

Ferro is the main importer of Shieer products for the Netherlands and Belgium.



Shieer is a biotechnology company with the principle that all its products are good for people, animals and the environment. This idea is reflected in all of its products, whether it be products that reduce CO2 emissions for vehicles or the developed process accelerators for alternative energy, such as the bio-fermenter, which produces methane and thereby produces electricity through fermentation of, for example, maize and the like.

It is about taking care of people, animals and nature, with which Shieer is at the forefront of development and the created Shieer products. It is not only the ideas that play the leading role, you will also be amazed by the quality of the Shieer products. These existing products can rightfully be called “Products of the Future”.

Development and research